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Default Why do some manufacturers wrap the electrolytic capacitor thatgets the hottest in a switching power supply in shrink wrap?

Usually anything on the hot side could use more insulation. Of course
I mean on the hot side of the mains or line. Imagine an electrolytic
bursting, there will be foil all over the place, conductive foil that
is, or else of course the capacitor would never have worked.

They have to think about catastophic failures and ground faults, so
sometimes if you want to know why they did what they did, so do you.
It is quite possibly a containment issue.

It is still a money matter, if they could save one penny they would,
but they have to figure out how many lawsuits and how much, things
like that. Hey, the drug companies think that way, so sure as hell
electronics companies will as well.