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Default UK source of these .6mm "Dremmel" thick cut off discs

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On Sun, 23 Oct 2011 15:37:04 +0100, "N_Cook"

Tube Packaged Black and Decker RT1018 36 piece 15/16 inch Emery Cutoff
Wheels. These are very similar to Dremel 409 cut-off wheels. Use with

inch Screw Mandrel which is not included. 0.025 inch thick. Use with

rotary tools. Made in USA.


In-Excess had them for 0.80 GBP per tub but I did not buy enough tubs

they were in stock. Or a similar product say 20 to 36 in a tub, not the
expensive half dozen and a mandrel which are commonly available in model
shops. To cut the steel of an equipment case for a larger pannel switch,

whatever, takes 3 or 4 of them for one job.

That sounds like a job for an oscillating saw (Fein, Festool,
Craftsman, Harbor Freight, etc). Just buy good blades - the Harbor
Freight blades are OK on wood but their metal-cutting blades are wimpy
at best.


Its a long time since I used one but I seem to remember they require too
large an operational footprint for this sort of use on "populated" cases -
say an audio mixer panel with nearly all available space occupied by
something. And then chance of colateral damage from vibration ? .
Parting-off discs cause no vibration , they also give a clean safe cut edge
with just a little break out "swarf" that a chamfering run with the disc
soon rids.