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Default UK source of these .6mm "Dremmel" thick cut off discs

N_Cook wrote:

Michael A. Terrell wrote in message

N_Cook wrote:

Tube Packaged Black and Decker RT1018 36 piece 15/16 inch Emery Cutoff
Wheels. These are very similar to Dremel 409 cut-off wheels. Use with

inch Screw Mandrel which is not included. 0.025 inch thick. Use with

rotary tools. Made in USA.

In-Excess had them for 0.80 GBP per tub but I did not buy enough tubs

they were in stock. Or a similar product say 20 to 36 in a tub, not the
expensive half dozen and a mandrel which are commonly available in model
shops. To cut the steel of an equipment case for a larger pannel switch,

whatever, takes 3 or 4 of them for one job.

You're using the wrong tool, as usual.

I don't own a nibbler, which of course is a one-job-type tool anyway, so
hard to justify for 5 times a year use

But you can justify wasting all those cutting disks, the metal dust
and rough cut holes? I've worn out four nibblers over the last 40
years. I currently own two hand nibblers, and an air powered nibbler.
They work fast and cut very neat holes if you know how to use them, but
you'd rather screw up every thing you touch.

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