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Default 2Wire 2701HG-B DSL router power supply repair

Jeff Liebermann wrote in message
If your 2Wire 2701HG-B DSL modem/router/wireless acts strangely, it's
probably the power supply. I decided it was time to fix some 2Wire
power supplies:
Three of the five had visibly bulging caps. I replaced the caps
(1000uF 16v) in all five power supplies as all of them showed high

Cracking the case is easy. Insert in bench vise equipped with
rubber covered jaws, and compress until you hear the glue crack.
Repeat for all sides and it should just pop open. Duco cement to
seal back shut. Test with a 3.3 ohm 10 watt load resistor for 5.1VDC.

Repair before Recycling.

Jeff Liebermann
150 Felker St #D
Santa Cruz CA 95060
Skype: JeffLiebermann AE6KS 831-336-2558

Using a vice I crack the side with the cable out, first, as the case
"welding" is already weakened there. Then guitar plectrum to force open at
the corners. I assume Duco is a trade name for plumbing polythene waste pipe