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Default Re-winding solenoids.

On Oct 19, 6:59*pm, Jamie
t wrote:
spamtrap1888 wrote:
On Oct 19, 3:14 pm, Jamie
t wrote:

spamtrap1888 wrote:

On Oct 19, 5:09 am, Jeffrey Angus wrote:

On 10/17/2011 6:05 PM, Jamie wrote:

You know, at this point, you pretty much don't care

You're right. I don't. Because my original question was
in regards to ampere turns and rewinding a solenoid for
a different operating voltage.

I wish that that had been your original question, which was a rambling
stream of consciousness. Your reference to a program for calculating
aircore inductors made me think you were using "solenoid" in the sense
of "helical coil."

Because so far, with one notable exception, everyone has
insisted on coming up with some Rube Goldberg solution or
accusing me of trying to murder widows and orphans.

Your desire to save $380 in the belief that ASCO was screwing its
customers with jacked-up prices seemed a bit unreasonable, the more so
when you revealed the true application for the solenoid actuator.

But your juryrig would merely produce widows and orphans, not kill
them. Only the lineman trying to restore power would be killed if your
Rube Goldberg solution failed to work.

I must say, you are an idiot!

*How is the device itself any less dangerous than using an alternate to
operate it?


If the alternate does not operate sufficiently like the original.

If he could explain how the actuator works and what the important
parameters were, we could speculate as to all the possible failure

You can speculate all you want. You sound like an attorney looking for
work or closely related to one.

* *If you read the blog, you would see what he is using if for, and if
he really wants you to know, I am sure he'll refresh your memory.

I used to break things for a living. Before that, I had to worry about
the adequacy of insulation. From his first post, the guy did not
appear to understand much of anything. I hoped he at least would not
kill anyone.