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Default Tektronix TDS-744A SPC fails

On Fri, 14 Oct 2011 22:04:54 +0200, Reinhard Zwirner

Andy Cuffe schrieb:

May I dare to direct you to the Tek Scopes Yahoo group? You'll find a
lot of Tek specialists there.



That's worth a try. I'm waiting for them to approve me now.

As a side question, has anyone here ever removed the LCD color shutter
from the CRT? I have two similar scopes (a 544 and 744). The 544 has
a mint CRT, but there are some bad spots on the shutter. The 744 has
a lot of burn in, but a perfect shutter. I would like to swap the
good shutter onto the good CRT, but only if I can expect the results
to be good.