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Default Store that sells ceiling fan capacitors?

On 10/12/2011 12:09 AM, spamtrap1888 wrote:
This is not precisely on-topic, but this group is resourceful, and it
does concern an electronic component.

The no-name ceiling fan over our kitchen table was making a strange
odor of the "electrical" variety. I feared it was coming from the
insulation of the motor wiring, but googling suggested the capacitor
as the common source of smells. One or more self-healing film caps are
potted into a rectangular package. With failed caps the package
bulges, according to pictures that people posted.

So, before I took everything apart, I decided to find a store that
stocked such capacitors. Then I would gut the thing and run over with
the bad part, come back with the good one, wire it in, and have the
whole thing buttoned up before my wife got home and started
complaining about the chaos I always introduce to her life. (In
fairness, there are a lot of ziplock bags with parts in them around

But the usual suspects don't seem to carry them. Not appliance part
stores or electrical supply stores. I couldn't find them listed at
Home Desperate or Louse. There were only a couple of online ceiling-
fan-part-only outfits, which I try to avoid: I like to show the
counter guy what I need, have him give it to me, pay, go home, and

Any ideas? If I must buy online I must, but I would really rather not

The last time I needed one I had to do some searching. I finally found
one at a local lighting store here in Tulsa, Ok. But I think they were
left overs from some time before. They didn't even charge me for it.
The store sells all kinds of lighting and fans and what have you. See
if you can find such a place where you live, they might have some.

I do recall being able to just walk into HD or about any hardware
store and find one, but no longer.