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Default Entertainment ctr finished

1) I assume you are referring to the trimming process with the router and
that the perpendicular maintaining was a problem.

2) I often thought a hard rubber foam layer under a solid pressure strip
with multiple clamps might do the job for long edge gluing. Any comments on
that would be appreciated after your experience.

"Han" wrote in message ...
I used nominal 3/4" maple-veneer plywood. I bought "solid wood edging"
from Rockler
That was fine as far as I could see. As a novice I had 2 problems with
1) I had problems using an edge router bit in my heavy Bosch router
in that it easily dug into the veneer until I had made a jig that holds
it so that it stays really parallel to the veneer.
2) It is amazingly difficult to get this wood strip glued to the edge so
as not to show a small crack between the veneer and it. Not sure whether
this is due to the sawcut not being exactly 90degrees (but I doubt that)
or to the pressure of the clamps being uneven and twisting the wood strip
(more likely).

Therefore I like the iron-on veneer strip banding better. With a little
practice, a good sharp utility knife and/or a good file, it is easy to
get it nicely glued to the edge.