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Default Entertainment ctr finished

Can you comment on problems with the solid wood banding?
I might be there over the winter this year and was thinking of a similar
idea...maybe larger 3/4 x 3/4 for a finished oak edging? Your input may
convince me otherwise while in the concept stages.

"Han" wrote in message ...
It wasn't really all that much work, but I procrastinated very much.
Total real work time should probably not be more than 2 weeks, including
glue and finish drying times. There are some dados and rabbets, but much
is just about butt joined. Some joints are reinforced with loose tenons
(small Dominos - fantastic system!!). That includes the verticals. I
would NOT do the banding with solid wood again. A bit difficult to avoid
glue gaps, and not easy to edge rout to even with the plywood surface
without damaging the veneer of the plywood. Using the iron-on veneer is
easier and sufficient for "stuff" that's not subject to real heavy wear.

As I said before, the idea for the woven doors came from an article in
Fine Wood Working on different treatments of doors and panels.

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