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Default What happened

A lot like clay. I do ceramics. The thicker the pieces of course the
slower the drying.
I think what may happen is uneven drying so that some areas being thinner
dry out quicker and change shape while other areas that are thicker are
slower drying.
We cover our clay pieces with plastic and might even wet areas to slow the
drying out and make it dry evenly.
I would think that this may be similar to wood since I also work with wood.
just my 2 penny's

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On 08/05/2011 05:00 AM, Ed Pawlowski wrote:

"Dale Miller" wrote
I think the wood would dry better if the ends weren't coated.
The water in the wood comes out of the wood from the ends.
This is the reason that even though you split firewood it still
doesn't help it dry any quicker. The water comes out of wood on the
ends of the wood just like it goes up the tree when it is living.

Coating the ends controls the rate of drying. Too fast and the wood will
crack. It does not matter with firewood.

So if you coat the ends it drys slower?

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