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Default Composite video from Compaq Armada e500.

On Sep 9, 8:32*pm, wrote:
I hunted up the Compaq Armada docs from HP and they are not really
clear on the TV output. They say the unit puts out composite TV.


Here is a link to a Tektronix page showing SMPTE NTSC color bars on a
waveform scope. The amplitude is 1 Volt p-p into a 75 Ohm termination.
Amplitude is typically 2 Volts without the termination. Bandwidth is
4.5 MHz for standard def. Line length from H sync to H sync 63.56 uS

Thanks. I have only a plain old BK Precision 2522 Digital Storage
No waveform monitor. The photos I posted are just the raw video going
to the
BK 2522. Without the demodulation capability of a waveform monitor,
oscilloscope can not display color bars. The BK 2522 might do a
little more
in this case but I have yet to learn the skills.

Thanks, ... Peter E.