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Default Why do some manufacturers wrap the electrolytic capacitor that gets the hottest in a switching power supply in shrink wrap?

On Wed, 31 Aug 2011 12:55:07 -0700, John Robertson

Chuck wrote:
Extron has been doing this for years and of course it is the first
part to fail in their units. Smart Technologies Sympodium power
supplies, that they have contract built in China, fail in a year or so
for the same reason. Technicians and electronic engineers at my work
place can't think of a rational reason why these manufacturers do
this. This is pro gear where reliability is a great concern so it
doesn't seem to be planned failure mode. Thanks. Chuck

What happens when you complain to Extron? And why - if they don't fix
the problem - do you keep dealing with Extron or Smart Technologies?

A company has to respond properly to design flaws or you change suppliers.

Seems simple to me.

If management says the items are cheaper then point out the downstream
repair costs are more than the few bucks it would cost to get a better
supply and thus a better reputation for reliability in the real world
(as opposed to the costing world).

John :-#)#

I work for a large university and have no say over what products are
chosen for our various projects. Extron doesn't support outside
repair so we don't have any contact with their service or engineering
departments. The reason we use the Sympodium is because some
professors demand them. Chuck