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Default panasonic DC280-340V Dc Motor

If you had the model number of the A/C air conditioning unit, it would
likely be useful for trying to find the motor info.

The 30W is likely relevent (30 watt motor size), and the other numbers are
not exactly clear.. however, if the 280-340V is a voltage rating, then I
would suspect that the A/C unit is for use in a country where 240VAC isn't a
common voltage.

AC (alternating current) motors are cheaper to produce, and I would doubt
that a newer technology brushless DC motor would be practical for a A/C unit
fan motor.

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"kwamena banson" wrote in message
I have a panasonic ARW4 1H8P30AC
SP 30W DC280-340V
A981 149 (The above is the label on the
DC motor which I had from an Air conditioner. I want to use it for a
project but i can't figure out how to start it.
it has 5 leads in the ff colors Red, Back, White, Yellow and Blue.
Any information on how to start this Motor will be of great help to
me. Thanks