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Default panasonic DC280-340V Dc Motor

On Mon, 20 Jun 2011 12:21:42 -0700 (PDT), kwamena banson
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I have a panasonic ARW4 1H8P30AC
SP 30W DC280-340V
A981 149 (The above is the label on the
DC motor which I had from an Air conditioner. I want to use it for a
project but i can't figure out how to start it.
it has 5 leads in the ff colors Red, Back, White, Yellow and Blue.
Any information on how to start this Motor will be of great help to
me. Thanks

I suspect that your motor is a DC fan motor.

FWIW, my Fujitsu ducted aircon has a 7-wire fan motor driven by the
indoor unit, and two 5-wire fan motors driven by the outdoor unit.

The indoor fan has three wires to select low (990 RPM, blue), medium
(1150 RPM, violet), or high speed (1300 RPM, red). A 20uF 370V start
capacitor connects to the black and white wires, and power is also
supplied on the white wire.

The outdoor fan motors are DC types. The wire colours are Red, Black,
White, Yellow and Brown. They run at 850 RPM (up Fan) and 750 RPM
(down Fan).

Red = DC power
Black = Ground
White = +15VDC
Yellow = Power On
Brown = Feedback

The following Fujitsu service manuals have circuit diagrams that may
help you understand the drive requirements:

It may also be worth looking at LG service manuals:

- Franc Zabkar
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