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Default panasonic DC280-340V Dc Motor

You might try looking for the motor specifications at a Panasonic appliance
website, or a supplier of these motors for replacement purposes.

It's probably not likely that this motor is a DC (as in direct current +/-)

It's far more likely that the motor is an AC (as in alternating current 50
or 60Hz) motor.

If you can take a picture of the label, someone will probably be able to
sort it out for you.


"kwamena banson" wrote in message
I have a panasonic ARW4 1H8P30AC
SP 30W DC280-340V
A981 149 (The above is the label on the
DC motor which I had from an Air conditioner. I want to use it for a
project but i can't figure out how to start it.
it has 5 leads in the ff colors Red, Back, White, Yellow and Blue.
Any information on how to start this Motor will be of great help to
me. Thanks