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Default "waffle" pavers?

On 3/6/2011 9:39 PM, Vic Smith wrote:
On Sun, 06 Mar 2011 18:05:10 -0600, Dean Hoffman

Vic Smith wrote:

Those "waffle" blocks need ground prep.
Just get the cheapest "stepping stones" to lay to the garage until you
decide or not to do something "permanent."
I had the same issue getting to my garage.
No sidewalk straight to the driveway from the fort door.
We wore a path in the grass until I put down a narrow paver walkway.
That was a lot of work, even doing it wrong.


That reminds me of a story about architects who designed a college
campus. They put up all the buildings but didn't put in any sidewalks.
They waited a few years until the students wore paths in the grass to
show where to put the sidewalks.

Cool. That's a real good idea.

Except for tromping through the mud for a few years! I can see not
putting them all in, but none?

I've put in a few paths and steps the last few years. They seem to build
themselves once you get started but you have to get started. And then
they grow as you see where they need to go. At least mine never end up
looking anything like I thought they would!

It's amazing how you can transform the most useless yard with the right
path and patio.