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Default "waffle" pavers?

On 03/06/2011 04:53 PM, aemeijers wrote:
On 3/6/2011 4:43 PM, Nate Nagel wrote:
Anyone know what I'm talking about? Concrete pavers that look like a
waffle, or something open... you can set them in your yard to make a
walkway that doesn't get too muddy, but grass still grows up through the
holes. Or they can be used to make another parking spot, without it
looking like another parking spot.

Do any of the big boxes sell them?

What is their proper name, so I can call around and ask?



Try this link:

Not sure I'd want them for a main driveway, especially here in snow
country, but they are pretty popular in upscale homes down south. Around
here, they look like they would be could for an occasional-use driveway
out to the pole barn, so you don't have to deal with a big swath of
gravel or pavement taking up the yard.

Actually what I was thinking was to buy a couple to make a path from the
back door to the garage, where there is nothing but yard now. Actually
given the weather today - it's been raining steadily since before I got
up - "quagmire" might be a better description. Hence my enquiry.

I'm not completely reassured when I see that the pond next door appears
to have a water level that looks pretty close to the level of the
basement slab. (it was quite a bit lower last night when I went to bed...)


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