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"Bill" wrote in message
I thought this was good enough to share.

Posted by Bob La Londe in the newsgroup rec.crafts.metalworking

Sometimes you have to put in a screw in a place that you just can't
get your hand in there and if you drop the screw you are totally
hosed. I was repairing a broken wire in my boat yesterday and ran
into one of those. Of course it's a stainless steel screw so a mag
tip wouldn't work.

I couldn't find any of the screw holder screwdrivers I used to have,
and it was late enough I wasn't confident in finding one at any
stores that would still be open. I considered making one, but
thought maybe somebody else would have a better solution. I did a
search for DIY screw holding screwdriver or something like that and
found a good tip that worked perfectly.

Poke the screw through some cling wrap.
Place the screw on the screw driver.
Wrap the cling wrap around the screw driver to hold the screw firmly
against the tip.
Start the screw a couple threads.
Pull back the cling wrap and screwdriver to tear the screw through.
Remove the cling wrap.
Tighten the screw the rest of the way.

Its simple, elegant, works very well, and I wish had thought of it.

Another cling wrap/wax paper/Al foil roll tip. Ever have the roll jump
out of the box when you're pulling off a piece?
Most of the enclosing boxes actually have hole tabs partially punched
in both ends. Insert a dowel through the hole with a fixed horizontal
dowel at one end and a hole for another horizontal dowel/piece of
at the other end and the roll stays in the box. Simply putting a
through one of the holes isn't bad either. It's notable how many
don't know about this.


Edward Hennessey