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Default A good household air freshener / deoderant

On Jan 18, 7:52*am, "Bob-tx" No Spam no contact wrote:
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How cold is it where you live? *Up here in Michigan, anytime it gets
up to 40 in the wintertime we're apt to open the windows for a while
and let the house air out. * Maybe for just an hour or two, maybe for
half a day--depends on the wind speed.

Doesn't happen very often, granted, but at least once a month
we get a warm spell like that. *Then DH says, "Let's blow the
farts out of the house!"

Cindy Hamilton

Central Texas, gets pretty cold (for us anyway) perhaps several times a
winter. *I'd average is about 40 for low, high fifties for high. *Gets
colder though - below freezing at least a couple times most years. *Also get
warm occasionally mid to high seventies; when that happens, it is warm
enough to open the house for a little bit.


I guess it's all relative. I was out grilling chicken in 16 F weather
on Sunday. In the 50s, we don't even turn on the furnace.

Of course, when it's 40 for a daytime high and we do air out the
house, we've got a fairly powerful furnace to restore the indoor
temp to 70.