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Default A good household air freshener / deoderant

On 1/16/2011 10:32 AM, Tony Miklos wrote:
On 1/15/2011 4:49 PM, Bob-tx wrote:
With the cold in the winter, the house doesn't get opened much and
household odors accumulate; cooking odors, doggie odors, bathroom odors,
etc. I'm looking for some good suggestions for room deodorizers, air
fresheners, deodorants, candles, or whatever. We have tried some of the
grocery store stuff without being very satisfied. Some put out rather
strong and nearly objectionable odors, almost making things worse.

I'm not saying we stink (smile), we just like a fresh clean smelling
house like one gets in the springtime when doors and windows are open. I
know that's probably not completely possible, but you see what I'm
talking about.

Thanks in advance for any good ideas.


I use fresh air from outside. Air fresheners are basically air polluters
spewing all kinds of chemicals into your air to trick your nose and
brain into thinking it smells nice. Like others said, use
ventilation/heat exchangers. I have already gone around the house
squeezing orange peels to release their oils. I like the smell of oranges.

Agreed. Short of major alterations to the HVAC system, best and safest
answer is to man up and ventilate the place manually. Turn the furnace
off, open front and rear doors, and place a box fan pointing out in an
open window on the other side of the house. Half an hour will do it. Dog
won't care, do it while the wife is out shopping. As long as you don't
leave the furnace off long enough for the stuff the house is built out
of to freeze, furnace will replace the cold air with warm air in a few
minute once you close things back up and turn furnace on.

We did this routinely when I was a kid when cooking or smoking odors got
too bad to stand, or the house got a musty smell from being closed up
during trips.

Oh, and if you can't bear to put the dog outside to live, give it a
bath. That alone makes a big difference. At the risk of annoying dog
lovers, I consider them livestock. I like dogs just fine, but they do
stink. I'd never own one unless I could give it suitable separate
weather-proof living quarters, somebody to talk to during the day, and
had enough time to socialize with it outside on a daily basis. I agree
that people who have just the one dog and leave it outside 24/7 are
being cruel- they are very social animals, and need interaction with a 4
and/or 2 legged pack, to not go crazy.

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