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Default A good household air freshener / deoderant

Some folks I know like Febreze. Sold in Walmart,
near the other air fresheners. I'd suggest you buy
a can or bottle of each. Try each one for a week,
and settle on what works.

Also visit the auto secton of Walmart. Look for a
blue and white striped can called OZIUM and try
that. Give it a very brief squirt when you get home,
the stuff is very powerful.

Christopher A. Young
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"Bob-tx" No Spam no contact wrote in message
. ..
With the cold in the winter, the house doesn't get
opened much and household odors accumulate;
cooking odors, doggie odors, bathroom odors,
etc. I'm looking for some good suggestions for
room deodorizers, air fresheners, deodorants,
candles, or whatever. We have tried some of the
grocery store stuff without being very satisfied.
Some put out rather strong and nearly
objectionable odors, almost making things

I'm not saying we stink (smile), we just like a fresh
clean smelling house like one gets in the springtime
when doors and windows are open. I know that's
probably not completely possible, but you see
what I'm talking about.

Thanks in advance for any good ideas.