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Default Obama Most Admired

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"Obama, Hillary Clinton Top Most Admired List"
"President Barack Obama is still the world's most respected leader .."

And this Truth eats at the heart of every crazy conservative idiot in


Crazy *******s.


Actually I don't really know anyone who really admires Obama, and it's
not for the lack of asking. Even here in Chicago mopst people look at
him as kind of a joke. Even the black population has turned on him
ever since he stopped giving out his Obama money.

Most see him as an empty suit and are holding their noses waiting for
him to leave as soon as this term is up. Apparently the only ones
admiring him are the soon to be out of work journalists who write that

That means that you and your friends and acquaintances are in the
minority. How hard is that for you to understand?

So it was a minority that just rid both the House and Senate of
Democrats in the largest turnover in 70 yrs?

Then we have the 2012 elections on the horizon..when either the voters
or the Great Cull removes the rest of them from office.

Laugh laugh laugh!

Sucks to be you and yours, doesnt it?


I personally prefer the cull. That way, they don't reappear in a few years.
And if they do, the liberals will finally have proof of their theories.