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Default ideas for dormer closet shelves

I have 4 closets alongside 2 dormers.

The total depth is about 6 foot, but that tapers off with the

The woodwork in the home is a medium tone dark stained oak (pine/
particle board in some other closets).

I was thinking to use some of the new wire shelving -- but did not
care too much for the "metal" and "white" in what's mostly "wood" and

I bought some white melamine 12" x 8' shelving, but again, putting
that white in alongside stained darker wood, just does not seem right.

I'm now leaning towards the much more labor intense solution of
stained pine/particle board.

One obstalce I have is that 2 or 3 of the shelf spans will be 5' or
better. I was thinking to maybe run a back stringer and then drop in
front supports using dados on the support to fit onto the shelving --
basically take a 2x2 and cut some dados at each shelf height and then
slip that onto the front edge of the shelf and nail it into place.
That will give a solid shelf, but then it puts those "legs" out into
the close.

Anyone else having trouble finding bullnosed particle board shelving?
Is this just outdated by today's standards? The local HD and Lowes no
longer seem to stock that. They have the white melamine and also
that wire stuff. If I was starting from scratch in all the closets,
maybe the wire stuff would be ok. But what close shelves I do have
and a couple of those dorrmer ones are all using stained pine/particle