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Default Completely and utterly OT - People annoy me

Ronald Raygun wrote:
Pete Zahut wrote:

Ronald Raygun wrote:

It sounds very much like a "no" to me too. In other words, although
he is interested, he's not keen enough to make a commitment at this

So it means "no", but not in the sense of "no I don't fancy it" but
more like "if you need to get the tickets now, then don't get one
for me; but if, come April, I'm still at a loose end, and tickets
are still available, I may well join you".

Well, yes, that's how we've left it. I didn't get a ticket for him
but he'll come if tickets are still available and he can make it.
The point I don't understand about it all though is that we're very
big fans of Paul Rodgers and would normally crawl over broken glass
to get a ticket. 6 of us (7 including myself) have bought tickets, 3
others would do but already know they can't make it due to other
committments and he just doesn't know.

"Broken glass", eh? Then why didn't the 3 others unmake their
commitments? Maybe they've grown out of the phase during which that
kind of stuff appeals to them.

I've never heard of this opera singer either. I certainly wouldn't
fancy a whole evening of listening to one person sing highlights,
I'd rather see a whole opera.

I'm sure there should have been a smiley in there because Paul
Rodgers is far from an opera singer, as you'd know if you googled
his name. Paul Rodgers was frontman of the legendary Free, Bad
Company and now Queen - and his tour will include hits from all
three era's.

It's a disgrace what they let into opera houses these days.
Wild horses, wouldn't be seen dead, etc.

Having just had a look at Blackpool Opera House forthcoming shows I can
assure you that you are very unlikely to see an opera there.

Not many people want to watch the fat lady sing.