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Default Completely and utterly OT - People annoy me

Mike Barnes wrote:

Pete Zahut :
Mike Barnes wrote:
Pete Zahut :
Planet Rock get a day or two advanced ticket sales over Joe Public.
Paul Rodgers at Blackpool Opera House, April 2011, so I email 10
people who may be interested. 6 say yes, get me a ticket, 3 say they
can't make it and one says it's too far ahead, I don't know what
I'll be doing then. WHAT?????

I say, if you want to go, book the ticket and then if anything else
crops up later, you just say sorry, going to see Paul Rodgers that
day - he's dithering.

Is it just me or is he fekkin' stoopid???????

It's just you. If you really don't understand "it's too far ahead",
take it from me that he meant "no". That's obvious to me even though
I have no idea who Paul Rodgers is.

As I've just said in my reply to Tim Watts, his exact words were, "Wow,
I'd love to see Paul Rodgers but it's just
to far ahead to know what I'll be doing in April", which doesn't sound
like "no" to me.

It still does to me. And unless you decided to buy a ticket for him, I'd
say that in the end that's what it meant to you too.

It sounds very much like a "no" to me too. In other words, although he
is interested, he's not keen enough to make a commitment at this stage.

So it means "no", but not in the sense of "no I don't fancy it" but more
like "if you need to get the tickets now, then don't get one for me; but
if, come April, I'm still at a loose end, and tickets are still available,
I may well join you".

I've never heard of this opera singer either. I certainly wouldn't fancy
a whole evening of listening to one person sing highlights, I'd rather see
a whole opera.