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Default Completely and utterly OT - People annoy me

Pete Zahut wrote:
Planet Rock get a day or two advanced ticket sales over Joe Public.
Paul Rodgers at Blackpool Opera House, April 2011, so I email 10
people who may be interested. 6 say yes, get me a ticket, 3 say they
can't make it and one says it's too far ahead, I don't know what I'll
be doing then. WHAT?????
I say, if you want to go, book the ticket and then if anything else
crops up later, you just say sorry, going to see Paul Rodgers that
day - he's dithering.

Is it just me or is he fekkin' stoopid???????

You should just run him over with your car. That's what I did today to a fat
******* that annoyed me.