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Bob Itnyre
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Default OT (kinda) High School Wood Shop

I thought that your posting was super. Unfortuneatley, all across the
country school shops are being eliminated in favor of (in many cases)
what is called the Tech Lab. Tech Labs are what I think is nothing
more than canned learning using computers. Remember the film strips
they used to have which also had a tape player too. It would say a
few words then there would be a beep and you'd advance the film for
some more words and another beep. Well computers, as teachers, are
nothing more than a follow on to that system. A few years ago the
reigning thought was that the US was going into a "service" oriented
economy. Everyone would be facilitating some kind of service,
presumeably at a computer terminal with a telephone. That would be
where the jobs would be at so you better get on the computer
bandwagon. Anyone see 60 minutes on Jan 11? It appears that with the
satellite communications all of these so called service jobs are going
to India. I guess the distance is no longer a factor if you are just
trading information, but I submit that jobs such as house building and
repair, that require skill with tools still can't be exported. I
think that we still need shop in the schools and it's a shame we are
losing them. About the only good thing to come out of their demise is
that there are often bargains to be had when the schools have their