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Lawrence L'Hote
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Default OT (kinda) High School Wood Shop

"Larry Laminger" wrote in message
Killing a little time here waiting for the Colts game.

The thread about getting started in woodworking got me reminiscing and
thinking about what's happened to high school wood shop. Back in the
60's and 70's, my school in rural Missouri had a killer industrial arts
program. It was small, there where about 80 kids in my graduating
class. The high school had moved to a new building and the three story
building was converted (via grants from major machine manufacturer's)
into a wonderland.

I was back in Elsberry two years ago for the first time in about 20
years. I wanted to see how the program has evolved (if not faded away).

IIRC I attended a science teachers meeting there about that time while I was
teaching at Monroe City(20 mi. west of Hannibal).