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Default How to remove handle on bathroom sink tap?

J. Tailor wrote:

The whole handle pulled off with quite a bit of wiggle, as
Jim K suggested.

Y'know I wouldn't have thought anyone would have relied on that
considering the relative number of instances where the splines wear out.

While I think of it; according to something I read in my Collins DIY
book t'other day but have never seem mentioned here, the blue rubbery
seal in the end of the cartridge can cause the tap to drip if it's
damaged or worn. I have no idea if these are any easier to obtain than
whole cartridges[1] but would be interesting to try as all of the leaky
ceramic cartridges I've looked at have never shown wear or damage to the

[1] I foolishly tried Plumbase for one once - the confused reaction on
producing it was as if I'd asked for a sandwich or a prostitute.


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