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Default Waterproofing a concrete floor.

Molly Brown wrote:
Can anyone recommend a coating to waterproof a concrete floor that is
leaking downstairs from some hairline cracks when it rains? I am
looking for something that can be walked on afterwards. I have seen
some thick rubberized coatings in the past but never thought to ask
what the product was.

The important question is why the water intrudes when it rains. You
won't get a good answer unless you provide more long has
this occurred? Are you new in this home? Extremely heavy rain, or just
"normal"? How does the property slope and is it lower than surrounding
properties? Downspouts drain where in relation to the leaks? Are the
leaks just "wet" or do you get puddles? Getting heavy rain when the
ground is frozen might also cause abnormal conditions.

Around our condo, even though the ground slopes away from the building,
long-term landscaping practices cause gullies to form around the
building that kept water from running off...edging along the building to
keep grass away made gullies and lack of gutters made runoff from the
roof worsen the gullies.

Downspouts draining too close, or improper grading around the house may
be the cause.