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Default Best cable splitting strategy.

JIMMIE wrote:
On Jul 12, 4:11 pm, George wrote:
JIMMIE wrote:
On Jul 12, 1:31 pm, "Joe J." wrote:
"Aaron Fude" wrote in message
I know that the cable modem must have a pretty strong signal so it can
be downstream from a few splitters.
But I need to put in at least one or two. Where the cable comes in (A)
I have a single TV. The modem is in the next room (B) where there is
another TV. I'm choosing between two options:
1. 2-way splitter at location A and a 2-way splitter at location B.
2. 3-way splitter at location A
Way 1 is neater, but perhaps the modem gets only 1/4 of the signal.
Way 2 is more cumbersome, but perhaps the modem gets 1/3 the signal.
So which way is better?
Many thanks in advance,
You might consider an active splitter such as:
but it requires AC power so needs to be located near an outlet.
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You cant use a cable modem after an amplifier. Amplifiers are one way
devices cable boxes are two way devices.

Some have a passive return path and are intended for that use.- Hide quoted text -

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Really, where can you get a bidirectional amp like this. I was told by
my cable company I could not use my amplified distribution system with
my cable modem or cable box because of this and there was no amp
available that would fit my needs.


Commonly available. The reason the cable companies discourage using them
is because people buy them because they have a bunch of incorrectly
configured cheap splitters or have poor wiring. The amplifier just masks
the problem. When they remotely manage the equipment the levels will not
correctly reflect system levels.

Cable companies are typically pretty good about making sure there is
sufficient signal. Around here if you have signal issues they will
adjust them as required. Anytime I have seen an installation that seems
to need an amplifier it can be fixed by clipping off all of the twist on
coax connectors, terminating the cables properly and using quality
splitters that are arranged properly.