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Default Treated lumber and Liquid Nail

My Dad had some wet pressure treated wood. The stairs were
supposed to be about 7 feet tall, and they made em out of
wet PT wood. When the wood dried, it shrank. Finally the
contractors couldn't understand the problem. Dad took the
shrunken stairs, and took em to the contractor, in a paper
grocery bag. Set em on the desk and pointed to em.

Yeah, let the wood dry first.

Christopher A. Young
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"HeyBub" wrote in message
Dan Listermann wrote:
I need to build a staircase from treated lumber and I
would like to
use Liquid Nail along with the screws. Would I really
have to let
the lumber totally dry first? If not, would it just be a
waste of

As the lumber dries, it shrinks. Sometimes a lot. Bear that
in mind inasmuch
as your 8' staircase may only reach seven feet in a month or