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Default In-between GFI

Pavel Grnifeld wrote:

There are GFI outlets and there are GFI breakers.

I happen not to like the way GFi outlets look and GFI breakers are
sometimes just too far away (4 flights of stairs). Is there an in-
between solution to GFI protect the circuit? For example, it would be
nice if the GFI device could go under the vanity?

Many thanks in advance.


They do make a GFCI that mounts like an
outlet but has no outlet. It
can be mounted in a closet, under a
cabinet, etc. I put one in my last
house because one circuit in the kitchen
didn't have a GFCI and was
"required" by the buyers. It was
mounted in the basement below the
kitchen, actually very near the breaker
box. There wasn't any room
to put a GFCI breaker in the box as the
breaker for that circuit was a
half width breaker and the box was full.