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Default bathroom countertop

HeyBub wrote:
trailer wrote:
We're redoing the bathroom and will probably install new countertop.
We are leaning towards granite, but haven't made any decisions.

Countertop is 8 ft long, about 2.5 ft wide. Currently have marble
with 2 sinks as part of the countertop. It is about 35 years old.

There seems to be a multitude of countertop material. Which material
is best to use for the bathroom? I will probably have someone do the

The problem with granite countertops in the bath is their height. As you're
standing there brushing your teeth, your testicles are soaking up the
incipient radioactivity emitted by granite.

Here's a NY Times article on the subject:

This is not an issue with kitchen countertops as they are about ten inches
higher and bother only breasts.

COOL! You won't need antibacterial spray cleaners.
One problem, the insect pests will probably mutate,
grow to six feet in length and eat you.