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Default In-between GFI

On Jul 12, 1:59*pm, stan wrote:
On Jul 12, 3:11*pm, Pavel Grnifeld wrote:


There are GFI outlets and there are GFI breakers.

I happen not to like the way GFi outlets look and GFI breakers are
sometimes just too far away (4 flights of stairs). Is there an in-
between solution to GFI protect the circuit? For example, it would be
nice if the GFI device could go under the vanity?

Many thanks in advance.


Most GFI outlets can protect all other outlets 'downstream' of them,
on that circuit.

So; either go back to a preceding outlet that is not too visible
(although you need to get at quickly to reset if it operates).

Or alternatively intercept the wiring before the outlets you wish to
protect and add an extra outlet there. Digging around and finding the
wiring and figuring out the details might take hour or two though.

Personally see nothing wrong with a neat and tidy GFI located where
it's easy to see and reach. Too many outlets are behind furniture etc.
And, since we use electrcity for so many purposes these days why hide
the functional part so it? Electricity is a willing servant and
nothing to be ashamed off!

BTW I had one older (black) duplex GFI that was not arranged to
protect outlets downstream. Not wishing to waste it I put it on the
end of one of our substantial extension cords. Thus can plug that cord
in anywhere in the house, poke the GFI end outside through a window
etc. and have GFI protection for using electric tools outside in
possibly damp conditions for garden tools, *or while working on a
vehicle etc. *More modern GFIs can downstream and if that older one
packs up will just replace it.

Many years ago, before GFCI extension cords were readily available, I
put a GFCI receptacle in an exterior box and attached it to the end of
a 3 foot piece of exterior extension cord. I still take it with me
whenever I have to use power tools outside. Back then, you could never
be sure that a GFCI would be available in a garage or next to a
deck...these days I don't have to pull it out too often.