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Default Drain vent

On Jul 12, 4:52*pm, Larry The Snake Guy wrote:
Will probably work fine. Whether it's to code, probably not, but I
don't know.

Did the plumbers say whether that problem was that there was not vent
or that the vent was blocked. A blocked vent can sometimes be cleared
from the roof with a snake or similar means.

The vent was poorly designed per my neighbor per the plumbers. Vent
was shared with washer, tub toilet and lav. The tub and washer
attached very close to the vent and they work fine. The lav and toilet
are across the room. House is built on a slab. The toilet which gave
the most problem looks to be a couple of feet from the cleanout and
also now vent. The lave which is about 4 ft awy from the new vent but
I dont have a clue how it is actually connected in was also giving
some problems but appears to be working OK now.