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Default bathroom countertop

trailer wrote:
We're redoing the bathroom and will probably install new countertop.
We are leaning towards granite, but haven't made any decisions.

Countertop is 8 ft long, about 2.5 ft wide. Currently have marble
with 2 sinks as part of the countertop. It is about 35 years old.

There seems to be a multitude of countertop material. Which material
is best to use for the bathroom? I will probably have someone do the


You have a wide choice, all with pros and cons for bathrooom use:

Sheet Stainless Steel
Quartz in resin
Glass chips in resin
Cultured marble
Corion and other solid surfaces
Concrete with chips of various substances in it

I am sure that I missed a few. No one can tell you what is best for your
use, do a few hours of on-line research to learn about them all.

I am remodeling a bathroom. We went through various ideas and finally
settled on something we would have never considered when starting. We chose
a coloured glass countertop with a moulded sink in it. It was perfect for
our use. It provided maximum countertop surface and no seams nor joints and
simple and easy to keep clean. Other choices could have provided similar
features but this fit into our needs.