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Default Suggestions for durable window well cover

blueman wrote:

I'm now debating between using thinner (but stronger) Lexan sheets
vs. thicker Plexiglass sheets to get the same overall strength.
Plexiglass tends to be cheaper plus the thicker sheets should give a
stronger/broader glue line.

Any thoughts?

I haven't compared them in a long time, and all plexi-glass is not
created equal. . . but . . .

When I last looked plexi was more likely to scratch and yellow in
sunlight than Lexan--- but the solvent glue for plexi was stronger.
Check with a window place- they can probably give you a better deal
than the big-box store and you can get some nice clean cuts on it.

I'd lean towards screwing the plastic to an aluminum frame. Aluminum
angle is less obtrusive and stronger than lumber. A bead of silicon
should waterproof it, and if that basketball breaks one panel you
don't have to start over.