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Default dumb clothesline?

Thanks Gents for all your replies to me.

On Jul 11, 10:06 am, willshak wrote:
on 7/11/2009 12:58 AM (ET) Winston wrote the following:

Ken S. Tucker wrote:
Wife ordered a clothesline installed.
After inspection all's well except I/we figure we need a
'clotheline elevator' something like here,

The idea is she hangs clothes at hip height off a
1 foot platform, then hoists them up ~ 3 - 4'.

I'm a DIYer, so I'm also happy to build the unit,
so I'm asking for suggestions and best product

Maybe something like this, driven by a garage door opener?


Patent filed in 1949? How come I've never seen one? I guess there was
no one around like Billy Mays then, I guess. :-)
This appears to be hand operated. Line #18 is pulled through pulley #17
to raise the clothes line pulley (#14) and then tied off at #20.
It must have been hard to raise that heavily loaded #14 pulley. It might
have needed some extra pulleys between #17 and #20 to ease the raising.
I'll get on that right away. :-)

That looks like the unit.
The location of the clothesline is to be on the South side
just under the big kitchen vent, you can see it here.
to be run North to a tree.

As I watched the gal raise the laundry line she had no
problem using a single pulley. Laundry is fairly light,
as it is spun 1st, tho I suppose hangin' a big old wet
quilt could be done by putting it at the far end.

Repetitive lifting wears out the back, so I want the line
at wifes tits level, (necessitating making it lower every
year or buying her a brazier and/or elevator shoes).

I just checked the CanTire link and it's now busted.

One important thing about an outdoor clotheline is airing
bedding frequently (we like it done every few days),
perferably in a breeze and sun, for a freshening a dryer
really cannot do so well.

We currently have a rope strung between a couple of
trees that works - aaahhh -ok, but be careful about wasps
after airing because I got stung on my foot that I think
came in after airing.

I'll still collect data and post further if I find anything