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Default Hornets have a good work ethic

Plague Boy wrote in news:vo-

HeyBub wrote:
mm wrote:
On Wed, 8 Jul 2009 11:33:11 -0700 (PDT), Mike

hornets were understandably annoyed, but they wasted no time - about
2 minutes after I cut that limb, they had picked out a new spot just
up from where I had cut there branch and started on a new nest! I
like their enthusiasm.
If you think your hornets are diligent workers, wait until you meet
some illegal alien hornets.

African bees?

No, Asian Giant Hornets. Not only larger than American Hornets,
but get better grades and have a higher graduation rate.
Unfortunately, the African Bees keep looting and burning their
hives for some reason.

They also are used to make a tasty, nutritious energy drink (in
the black and orange can!) or sushi. Mmmm, great hornet!

Show them to the little lady; she maybe won't complain about the
waterbugs any more.

Hmmm, wonder how it would fare with some good old US-of-A fire ants.