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Default How to finish a cherry butcher block counter top

On Jul 10, 9:47*pm, "Dick Keats" wrote:
Bought an 8 foot by 25 inch 1-1/2" thick cherry butcher block.
It is unfinished.
Want to use it on a kitchen island with a small vegetable sink in it.
How should I go about finishing (sealing?) it.
There will be food on it but we do not plan to cut/chop on it.
Any help and/or advice will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for your time.

Dick Keats
Euless, TX

Is it a genuine butcher block construction, i.e., vertical or end
grain up or is it simply a glue up of cherry wood planks with face
grain? The preferred finish for the two types will be very different.
It may be quite enlightening to consult a commercial kitchen
specialist. For glued up planks a hard two part epoxy bar finish could
give you the results you want.