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Default How to finish a cherry butcher block counter top

"Dick Keats" wrote in message
Bought an 8 foot by 25 inch 1-1/2" thick cherry butcher block.
It is unfinished.
Want to use it on a kitchen island with a small vegetable sink in it.
How should I go about finishing (sealing?) it.
There will be food on it but we do not plan to cut/chop on it.
Any help and/or advice will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for your time.

Dick Keats
Euless, TX

Mineral oil. Let it soak in, 24 hours later put on another coat and let
that soak and you are good to go. Do not buy butcher block oil as it is
mineral oil at a much higher price. Mineral oil is available at Wal Mart or
any drug store.