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Default Uncut spots with B&D electric lawnmower

On Fri, 10 Jul 2009 06:39:47 -0400, wrote:

On Fri, 10 Jul 2009 01:03:11 -0400, mm

My Black and Decker electric lawnmower leaves a lot of uncut spots, or
more precisely narrow strips and little round areas. 12 amps. Model
525, the model which preceded the current model 575.

I would have to guess that the strips are due to having a deck
that is wider than the cut area. You may need to overlap your cutting

Well, maybe. There were so many uncut areas, I probably didn't check

a little more. The other spots I suspect are due to less "lift" of
the blade, so under certain conditions the grass may be lying flat
below the blade.

The grass looked pretty much the same. I have five broken gas
lawnmowers, two of which have worked in the past two years, one of
which probablyjust need one "jet" in the bowl cleaned out, even with a
wire, or with solvent, and another that is probably same if it werent'
so hard to get the carb off;

And a third that was practically new when they put it out on the curb.
The wife said they had bought it new a year before and the and the
store could never get it to run. Well neither could I but it's still
almost new.

And two others.

And I want to start giving these away, but I have to wait I guess
until I've figured out how to mow correctly with eeh electric one.

Tahks, and I'll tray to reply to professorpaul soon. but in case I
don't. Thahnks paul.

You can see how tired I am, I cana barely reight.!

Gasoline mowers then to have more lift built into their design
to provide a more even cut. Electrics tend to have less in an effort
to get more mowing with less power consumption.