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On Fri, 10 Jul 2009 13:20:57 -0700 (PDT), stan

On Jul 10, 12:55=A0am, (Way Back Jack) wrote
disparagingly and at length about Pres. Obama.

I suppose when someone starts off with a point of view to denigrate
your incumbent president (Obama) it then becomes the task to try and
point out as negatively as possible anything/everything about the USA
your current administration is trying to repair!

Is taht what you call it, repairing?

Taking Bush's fire and throwing gasoline on it is repairing?

The foregoing article however manages to point out rather clearly so
many of the things that previously were done wrong and badly during
previous administrations. Whether it was falsely started wars (Iran,
Afghanistan) or poor financial industry controls that led to the
credit crisis, sour debts and scandals such as Enron, Madeoff etc.
Limitation of civil freedoms? Poor USA!!!!!

Wait'll the middle class gets a load of cap-and-tax, loss of privacy
of Medical records, and Obamain's Brown Shirts.

Obama has inherited quite a mess (and that's an understatement) from
his predecessors!

Keep making excuses for him.

The Kool-Aid buzz must be awful strong.

The thought of the USA looking back fondly or thinking it was
successful during an era when it was "Shoot first" and worry about the
consequences afterwards; or a "Let's Nuke em" attitude, hasn't

Problem is: we didn't nuke 'em, comrade.

And don't let's pretend the Viet Nam war was a success! In fact it's
doubtful if the USA has won any of the wars it has itself started?

If it smells like a Euro twit and sounds like a Euro twit ....

Obama comes across as a realist; often telling it like it really is.
With doses of realism; not airy-fairy images of the way it used to be!
Maybe some don't like the truth?

The things you don’t read about Barack Obama

Sat. May 2 - 5:46 AM


So here is a small selection of news on the most powerful man on Earth
which has been deemed unfit to print:

•Obama’s first two major bills alone, the "stimulus" and "omnibus,"
cost nearly twice as much as was spent on Iraq over six years – $1.2
trillion vs. $650 billion.

•Obama abandoned his campaign promise of "a net spending cut," his
first annual deficit – not counting bailouts – being three times the
worst deficit under President George W. Bush.

•Obama’s objective in his first G20 summit – commitments to spend our
way to prosperity with massive stimulus boondoggles across the G20 –
was rejected out of hand.

•Obama’s objective in his first NATO summit – commitments to combat
troops for Afghanistan from "our European allies," which Obama and his
party imagined were ready and willing to fight if only someone
"enlightened" like him were running things – was predictably refused,
with some more European non-combat contingents offered as a token.

•Obama’s Defence Department announced cuts of $1.4 billion to missile
defence, the day after North Korea test-fired its long-range,
multi-stage ballistic missile.

•Obama’s economics were criticized by Warren Buffet, whose endorsement
had been candidate Obama’s highest economic credential.

•Obama reversed the free trade Bush policy that had allowed about 100
Mexican tractor-trailers into the United States, which the Mexican
government immediately used as an excuse to levy tariffs on 90
American goods amounting to $2.4 billion in U.S. exports.

•Obama’s "tax cuts for 95 per cent" turned out to mean $13 a week from
June to December, to be clawed back to $8 a week in January – as
compared with President Bush’s 2008 tax rebates of $600 to $1,200 plus
$300 per child, which were notably scoffed at during the election
campaign by Michelle Obama.

•Obama’s campaign promise of a $3,000-per-employee tax credit for
businesses that hired new workers – repeated ad nauseam for weeks
before the election – was discreetly retired even before inauguration

•Obama abandoned his campaign promise that "lobbyists won’t work in my
White House," waiving his no-lobbyist executive order or conveniently
re-defining his appointees’ past lobbying work to allow 30 lobbyists
into his administration.

•Obama abandoned his campaign promise to reform earmarks, signing the
omnibus bill which contained 8,816 of them.

•Obama took more money from AIG than any other politician in 2008 –
over $100,000 – and signed into law the provision guaranteeing the AIG
bonuses which later had him in front of the cameras "shaking with
outrage" and siccing the pitchfork crowd on law-abiding citizens who
had fulfilled their end of a contract and had their payment upheld by
Obama’s own legislation.

Why should these points, and many more like them, have to be made by
some obscure contributor to The Chronicle Herald’s opinion pages?

Fox News Channel is the butt of jokes and the target of attacks like
no other media outlet in the English-speaking world, not least by
people who fancy themselves the guardians of a free press. But Fox
News is today the lone television news service in the English-speaking
world capable of serious skepticism and scrutiny of the sitting
president and the Congress of the United States.

Fox News is also the second most-watched channel in all American cable
television. It long ago became by far the most-watched cable news
channel; more Americans watched Fox News than CNN and MSNBC combined
in every time slot from 6 a.m. to midnight in April. Now, while The
New York Times is $1.3 billion in debt, Fox has expanded its
operations with a business channel and a juggernaut Internet presence.

There’s a lesson there, though Fox News will be just as well pleased
if the impeccably "mainstream" news business remains clueless about

The people need a Fourth Estate, not yet another adulator of Barack
Obama, yet another smearer of Sarah Palin, yet another patrician
editor to keep out anything disagreeable to progressive sensibilities,
yet another laptop-and-latte journalism-schooler to spit on everything
pre-dating 1968. And they wonder why the news business has come on
hard times.

It also appears the USA has not, for a long time, realised that it is
not and will not always be, 'The only game in town (the world)'.

Problem with the USA is that she gives a **** what everyone else

What the US still does have is some (supposed) fundamental values
about hard work, family values, home ownership and place in community
etc. Although social and financial ethics have taken quite a beating.
But the USA or it's individual states does not back this up with good
social programmes and public care. And forget any of the forced
extremist Christianity cults; they are just as biased and intolerant
(and possibly dangerous when leaders think they are going on a
crusade!) as any other extreme religious format. Keep religion out of
government for God's sake (pun intended!).

Yep, a socialist Euro twit.

Told ya.

How many US millions is it that don't have medical/drug care? Much
smaller (sometimes with less than the tenth of the US population) and
therefore smaller resourced countries have much better systems (some
would call them 'socialist' as though that were a bad word!) and do
much better job of providing incentives for a healthier and more
productive population.

Hey, we've heard the horror tales about Brit health care.

No t'anks.

Also there is still something of a dog-eat-dog attitude although most
individual Americans are sensible helpful people! Maybe a sort of "If
I have the biggest/fastest gun I have every right to shoot the last
deer/elk/moose/bear etc.". How the West was won; i.e. stolen from the
Aboriginals and from Mexico!

Yeah, **** happens, dunnit.

If not for civilization, the abos would still be communicating with
smoke, pooping in holes, and dying at the ripe old age of 33.

Maybe some serious navel gazing is in order? That marvellous
expression from some US president, "Walk softly but carry a big stick"
comes to mind.

Good luck to all from somewhere else in the world!

**** off, comrade, we don't want ya wishes.