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Default Briggs & Stratton specs

On Jul 10, 8:19*am, "Ed Pawlowski" wrote:
Does anyone know the allowable shaft play on the B & S engines? *It moves
about in and out .020" on mine.

The oil seal is leaking and has to be replaced, but I'm wondering if the
.020 is normal or excessive. * *There are not many hours on this in the past
18 months or so it "should" not be worn yet, but *. . . . . .

Briggs & Stratton Intertek 206
6 HP Model 126312 Type 0212

Automotive engines with that much crank endplay will always develop a
seal leak. The seals are designed with sipes to handle rotary sealing,
but the back and forth motions allow oil to pump past the sipes and
may cause excesive wear on the seal. Engine builders will often polish
seal contact areas on shafts to enable effective sealing and long seal
life. My WAG is that the endplay should be around 0.003", but if B & S
wants more or less, follow directions.