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Default Hey PETA, Screw Wildlife

Billy wrote:

Oh, and don't worry, wildlife is getting screwed.

Well, Billy, in case your mom forgot to explain all that to you,
screwing is how the wildlife multiplies. Not to scare you, but, once
upon a time someone got screwed and then there YOU were...

Two hundred years ago,
we could live off the land, now we can't.

Well, Billy, you seem to be suffering from some sort of disconnect,
pining for the old days of living off the land vs not harming wildlife.
Living off the land involves, brace yourself, maybe you should sit down
for this, killing farm animals and wildlife for food. Nowadays most meat
comes from ranches and large livestock yards but even those depend on
"the land" for their food. So, where does *your* food come from, Billy,

When are YOU going to get
alarmed, when, except for the zoos, the only animals left are pets and
food animals?

You mean there is a difference???

I recommend the Hamsters - snack size and a really good price.
Just be sure to get the ready-to-eat package - the bbq sauce is
fantastic. Dressing a dozen hamsters is quite tedious...

AL (Lifetime PETA member (People_Eating_Tasty_Animals))