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Default honda generator

Winston wrote:
hank wrote:
almost new honda generator leaks a small amount of oil from one of the
bolts above oil filler cap on exhaust side.

if the attached picture shows, it's the bolt with arrow point

can just this one bolt be removed and resealed? the amount of the leak
is very small, after generator has run for at least 30 minutes and
power generation is working normal.

I would first check & correct the oil level.
Then I would re-torque all the bolts in that cover to factory spec.
If seepage still occurred, I would make a fiber washer and clamp
under the head of the bolt.

Even just RTV will do; that point is not under oil pressure. but be damn
sure you know what the torque spec is. Its a steel bolt into an aluminum
threaded bore; be easy to strip the threads. I cant see whether it goes
thru, but if so, you could use a longer metric bolt with a nut added.

And if you do torque them all, do so in the standard star pattern, not
going round from each to the next.