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Default Hornets have a good work ethic

I've found that walking away attracts less attention. You've
got my compassion, about the recurring nest.

I've heard of using a shop vac (prop the hose end near the
nest) and leave it going for a couple hours. Suck em all in.
Though, I'm not sure what I'd do with a shop vac full of
hornets. Maybe a double wrap of industrial garbage bag, and
couple of layers of duct tape. Put the snufallufakus
sarcophagus spectacularous into someone else's trash
dumpster. Hasta la vista mutha----erous!

Christopher A. Young
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"Mike" wrote in message
On Monday, my wife discovered that we had a hornet's nest in
a tree in
our front yard, about the size of a football. Lots of
activity. She
wanted it gone, so I found in the basement a can of
killer, read the label and went to work. I sprayed it 3-4
(running after each application). The can said wait 24
hours then
remove the nest. Well, my kids were having a good time
watching me do
this and wanted me to cut down the small branch where the
nest was. I
got out the ladder and limb cutter, gave it a snip and ran.
hornets were understandably annoyed, but they wasted no
time - about 2
minutes after I cut that limb, they had picked out a new
spot just up
from where I had cut there branch and started on a new nest!
I like
their enthusiasm.


P.S. I sprayed the new in-progress nest on Tuesday, will
provide a
report later on the results.