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Default Hornets have a good work ethic

Mike wrote:
On Monday, my wife discovered that we had a hornet's nest in a tree in
our front yard, about the size of a football. Lots of activity. She
wanted it gone, so I found in the basement a can of wasp/hornet
killer, read the label and went to work. I sprayed it 3-4 times
(running after each application). The can said wait 24 hours then
remove the nest. Well, my kids were having a good time watching me do
this and wanted me to cut down the small branch where the nest was. I
got out the ladder and limb cutter, gave it a snip and ran. The
hornets were understandably annoyed, but they wasted no time - about 2
minutes after I cut that limb, they had picked out a new spot just up
from where I had cut there branch and started on a new nest! I like
their enthusiasm.


P.S. I sprayed the new in-progress nest on Tuesday, will provide a
report later on the results.

I had one couple years ago on our apple tree in the back yard.
After dark I just wrapped the whole thing with small garbage bag,
removed it from tree branch. Tied the bag, put it in the garbage
can. What kind of spray is not killing them? And you run after?
They will chase you then. You are lucky being not stung.