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Default OT (sorta' there's a repair involved, just not home) : VintageChevy truck parts

HeyBub wrote:
dpb wrote:

'58 Chevy C60 (quite a lot bigger brother to a C10/20 but same cab
style, etc., just running gear is a lot heavier) ...

No source, but here's a tip. When you get ready to replace the fuel sending
unit, it may, on your model, be easier to remove the bed than to drop the
tank. On my Chevy truck, the bed is held in by only 8 bolts that are easy to

No need; tank is behind seat...

Also, as noted it's a C60 (32M GVW) w/grain bed & hoist, not a pickup.
Just that medium-duty trucks had same cab design as pickups then.